Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Analytics

Are you getting the number of views, comments, and conversions that your business needs from your TikTok videos? Are you making progress towards your objectives? Perhaps you need to improve your TikTok advertising.

TikTok analytics allow you to keep tabs on your performance and evaluate how well you’re meeting your objectives. In addition, social media analytics can help you fine-tune your TikTok strategy and content creation for maximum impact.

Steps to Enable TikTok Statistics

It’s a breeze to get your hands on TikTok’s stats. TikTok analytics and the upgrade to a premium account are no longer necessities. Analytics are available in TikTok for both business and personal profiles.

Simply open any published video and select More Data from the menu that appears in the right-hand corner to view the video’s analytics.

Moreover, there are multiple routes you can take to view analytics specific to your account:

  • To access the Business Suite features, go to the Account menu inside the TikTok app. Then, head to Analytics to keep tabs on how your profile is performing and how large your audience is growing.
  • Access the Creator Tools section of the TikTok app by tapping the menu button on the top right of the screen. When you’re ready, select Analytics.
  • Access your TikTok account from a desktop computer.

TikTok business accounts grant access to all features geared towards brands and creators, but analytics can be accessed by any user. For this reason, it’s recommended that your team create a business TikTok account.

To switch to a business account, go to your account’s Settings and Personal Information menu. (The account has been converted to a business profile in the above screenshot.)

Analyzing TikTok: Essential KPIs

Want to know what data points related to TikTok your team should keep an eye on? The answer is conditional upon the specific objectives and KPIs that your team is tasked with achieving.

Does your client or company seek increased popularity and visibility for its brand? The most helpful metrics will most likely be those related to the audience.
Do you wish to inform potential customers so that they will think about making a purchase? Most likely, the most illuminating data will come from content metrics.
To what extent would you like to increase sales and monetize your content? Metrics based on the return on investment (ROI) will provide the answers you seek.


You can see how your audience is responding to your most recent content on TikTok with the help of the platform’s engagement analytics. Toggling the chips will reveal pie charts for the various measures of participation.

One can plot:

  • Profile views on videos
  • TikTok Comments, Shares, and Fans


The weekly engagement chart and the ability to quickly identify positive or negative trends are two of the best features of TikTok’s engagement overview. However, it is equally essential to track how many people are watching and interacting with each video.

In a hurry to find out which of your videos is the most watched? Check out the tab labelled “Trending” to see which videos have received the most attention over the past week.
Want it in reverse chronological order? To revisit your videos from the past week, simply click back on the Video posts tab.

To get more information about a specific video, just click on it. To the right, you’ll find a running tally of some of the most important measures of user engagement, such as:

  • Audiences for videos
  • Shares
  • Saves
    You can see how well each video has done on TikTok. For example:

The sum of the people who saw your video; also known as its “reach.”
Mean time spent watching the video, or the typical viewing duration.
The percentage of viewers who saw the entire video (the completion rate)
TikTok also offers an analysis of how many people have watched each video. Video analytics allow you to see demographic information about your viewers, such as their age, gender, and location.


I was wondering if your company made use of TikTok live. Check out the Live Center on TikTok to review and save your live stream statistics.

TikTok prioritises metrics such as,, and, rather than providing engagement metrics for users’ actual lives.


Follower acquisition rewarded with precious stones
Time span in its entirety
The Live Center on TikTok also reveals traffic sources so you can track exactly where your live views are coming from. These are some examples of potential causes:

Recommended real-time videos

This page contains a collection of short videos for your viewing pleasure.

  • Following
  • Share

Do you wish to investigate the nature of your readers? TikTok keeps stats on how many times it was viewed, how many people watched it, and how long they watched it for over the time period you choose. These graphs are especially useful if your team frequently goes live, as they allow you to spot patterns and zero in on what actually works.

TikTok Analytics: A Workflow-Improving Tool

TikTok, as you can see, includes comprehensive analytics features. The question then becomes whether or not you actually require a third-party TikTok analytics tool to complement the platform’s built-in metrics.
In a word, yes, especially if you’re intent on maximising the potential of your TikTok account and contributing to its continued expansion.
All of your social media analytics can be managed from a single location.

It’s easy to waste time switching between browser tabs or mobile apps when you’re responsible for managing multiple social media accounts for your business or clients.

Measure the success of community management

TikTok has a lot of metrics for content and accounts, but it’s missing some important ones. Agorapulse is the kind of community management analytics platform your team needs if you place a premium on such data.