Exploring Starbucks Marketing Strategy On Social Media

Just about every single internet user would agree that Starbucks is one of the top brands currently dominating the social media landscape.

Starbucks is a company that takes social media marketing seriously, investing heavily in developing a social presence consistent with the company’s image because it has millions of fans across all its social networks.

But, more specifically, what are those marketing strategies that got Starbucks’ current social media success and turned it into one of the most idolised brands ever?

Starbucks has joined the TikTok community

It’s hard to find another company with a social media marketing strategy as original as Starbucks. The brand’s heavy use of seasonal marketing was one of its differentiating strategies that helped it become so socially successful.

Starbucks generates urgency among its social communities to try its drinks and deals as soon as possible by designing seasonal, holiday, and event-specific social posts, campaigns, and products.
It’s easy to see that the human element is at the heart of Starbucks’s TikTok strategy when perusing the company’s content.

By having real people appear in most of its TikTok videos, Starbucks was able to establish a more personable brand persona.

Due to the importance of being genuine on TikTok, this was a brilliant marketing strategy.

TikTok posts from Starbucks

Starbucks poured a lot of its marketing budget into TikTok in an attempt to create the perfect feed and profile when the app was the most popular social media platform.

One has to give it to the brand; they nailed that.

TikTok users have fallen for Starbucks for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because of the company’s impeccable taste in design.

In terms of design, the brand’s use of chromatic themes and seasons to organise its TikTok content stands out as a clever way to connect the dot between the brand’s online visual journey and its offline sales tactics.
Starbucks also uses emojis in its TikTok captions to brighten its community’s mood, make its posts easier to read, and strike a friendlier, more approachable tone in order to increase interaction.

TikTok Content Strategy

Finally, when it comes to their TikTok content strategy, Starbucks has opted for a combination of both individual images and Reels.

This is a brilliant strategy because, on the one hand, the brand is doing what it does best (capturing the user’s attention with eye-catching visuals) while, on the other, it is adapting to the new trend of video consumption and playing by the platform’s algorithm rules.

Starbucks’ “To Be Human”

Starbucks has always been a forward-thinking company, one that catches on fast to new developments and impresses its audience with its ingenuity and originality.

The brand’s use of video content in social media, the current craze that has caught on like wildfire, is no exception.

Even though Starbucks has been a part of TikTok since its earliest days and has used short-form videos for some time now, things are a little different with YouTube Shorts, the most recent launched short-form video feature.

In fact, Starbucks has only recently begun making content for that platform, and it did so in its usual unique way.

TikTok vs Reels

Starbucks has a very unique approach to the content it produces, as evidenced by the differences between its TikTok videos, Reels, and, most recently, YouTube Shorts.

The possibilities are endless, however, if you have a firm grasp on your target demographic and an abundance of original thought.

Starbucks went for a lighthearted tone in its TikTok and Instagram Reels videos, but it went for a more inspiring and even emotional tone in its YouTube Shorts.

The “To Be Human” series of YouTube shorts produced by Starbucks features customers who have been interviewed in various settings and who talk about the ups and downs of their lives.

Millions of people have watched these videos, proving that Starbucks is a marketing and digital content mastermind.

It’s unclear how long this series will continue or what other ideas Starbucks will use for its YouTube Shorts, but one thing is certain: they will be entertaining.

Four important lessons

we can learn from Starbucks’ social media advertising
Business that wants to stand out and get ahead of the competition must change with the times in order to meet the demands of today’s buyers on their ever-evolving buyer journey.

Now, more than ever, with so many impending changes in the social media landscape attributable to the meteoric rise of TikTok, businesses have a golden opportunity to reach their target demographics where they can wow them with their creative marketing.

Although content formats change and new ones are always interesting to try, the central idea that all of your social media messages will revolve around is the most important part of your strategy.

Consider Starbucks as an illustration

The primary goal of the brand’s social media activity is to be approachable and to help its followers feel more connected to the brand.

In my opinion, this is what makes Starbucks’ social media strategy work so well. As a result of its emphasis on the satisfaction of its clientele.

Starbucks’ deft use of storytelling demonstrates how its products fit naturally into its customers’ lives while also involving them in the company’s narrative.

Consensus and Remarks

How Starbucks creates a brand image that encompasses both the company and its customers is a key factor in the company’s social media success.

The marketing campaign for Starbucks is perfectly in tune with the company’s stated purpose of “serving as a source of inspiration and nourishment for the human spirit.”