The World’s Most Popular Social Media Sites

Using social media allows you to reach a wider audience, interact with that audience, and learn more about your customers and the competition.

And there is a plethora of options available these days. Which ones should we prioritise?

Soon, you will find out. The following list ranks the 28 most popular social networking sites worldwide in terms of monthly active users.

Which Social Network Do You Think Has the Most Users?
Meta’s Facebook, which boasts 2.9 billion MAUs, is by far the most popular social networking platform. Which stands for unique visitors in a particular month.

In reality, there were 3.64 billion monthly active users of all Meta products (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) in the first quarter of 2022.

The 2023 Social Media Landscape’s Front-Runners


Facebook has 1.93 billion users who log in every day. In addition, Facebook has a massive advertisement base of almost 7 million people.

If you ignore this massive market, you’re leaving money on the table. Create a company profile as a first step.

Once your Facebook page is up and running, you may further enhance it in the methods described below:

Your page will initially have a random URL (like, which you will need to claim. To make a vanity URL like this one for INH Hair, go here. Enhance your “about” page at Include a description, link to your website, hours of operation, phone number, etc. when promote your company page.


Each day, YouTube viewers across the world consume more than 1 billion hours of video.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website after launching in 2005 and being purchased by Google the following year.

As a result of these remarkable achievements, it is hardly surprise that YouTube has become an advertising behemoth. The staggering amount of $28.84 billion US dollars was earned worldwide through advertisements on YouTube in 2021.


WhatsApp, a popular messaging service, processes 100 billion messages every day.

At initially, WhatsApp was mostly utilised for personal communications between friends and family. It’s still a handy method of contacting individuals all around the world, regardless of the phone service they use.

In recent versions, the app has included support for WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business API.

Free of charge, WhatsApp Business caters to the needs of local enterprises. Owners of businesses may publish a catalogue of their wares and services. And get back to them on texts fast.


Users of the Instagram app select and organise media for sharing. The Instagram TV and live-streaming features are included.

And advertising is a major source of revenue. In 2021, Instagram anticipated $25.05 billion in ad revenue from the United States.

You may get started with Instagram immediately by establishing a Business Profile. You may access your account data and schedule content in advance using third-party apps when you have this sort of account.


Initially, WeChat was only a way to send messages. But nowadays, it’s so much more than that, exactly like WhatsApp.

Calls, texts, internet shopping, money transfers, and more are all at the reach of the user. Due of its extensive functionality, WeChat has been dubbed the “app for everything” or the “super app” by its users.

Both Twitter and Facebook are restricted in China. However, WeChat is a well-liked substitute. As a matter of fact, it dominates the Chinese social media market.

If you want to increase your company’s visibility in China, using WeChat is a smart move.

Messenger on Facebook

“Messenger,” the Facebook app commonly known as “Messenger,” belongs to the Meta family.

    However, it also has general acclaim. Approximately 2 million copies are downloaded from the app store every month, according to recent surveys.

    If you’re not using Messenger, you’re missing out on potential new customers and conversions, since each month, companies and customers exchange over 20 billion messages.

    You can find excellent prospects in the Messenger. When a client communicates with you, your conversation logs stay indefinitely. There are a number of reasons to follow up, such as offering discounts or inquiring about the quality of a recent purchase.

    Sixty-five percent of customers indicated they’d be more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat.


    Twitter is a microblogging social networking service. Tweets, as these communications are known, are limited to 280 characters.

    Current events and popular topics are given primary attention.

    In the United States, Twitter’s Monthly Active User count is lower than that of Facebook and Instagram. Brand awareness has increased by 84% since 2022.

    Using Twitter as a business tool is a brilliant strategy. Why? For the reason that Twitter is frequently the initial point of contact for dissatisfied clients.

    Twitter makes it easy for companies to keep tabs on customer feedback and respond rapidly to problems.

    Maintaining a Twitter account for your company is a great method to attract potential buyers even before they make a purchase.

    If you believe Twitter, they are the best place to find new things. Twitter advertising are also viewed for longer periods of time (26% longer) than those on any other social media site.

    The Social Media Planner includes a character count for scheduling tweets, so you can plan accordingly.