The Influencer Marketing Revolution On Instagram Stories

Amazing pictures have always been easy to find on Instagram. Furthermore, several well-known businesses have seen phenomenal expansion there. You only need to ask Nathan Chan, who created the online magazine Foundr Magazine for company founders. He launched a marketing push to get his name out there, using stunning visuals and motivational text. His company’s growth has been exponential, and he amassed 10,000 followers in just three months. He is now widely regarded as a leading figure in the world of business.

Instagram released “Instagram Stories” in August 2016 to counter Snapchat’s rising popularity. Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories enable users to share media that will be deleted after 24 hours. They may be natural, humorous, and even a little bit strange. It’s fantastic fun, and what’s really neat is that influencer marketers can use Stories to complement their main accounts and attract and retain even more of their existing followers. And when these fans interact with the brand via text messages and share their experiences, the brand reaches even more people.

Instagram may be more about “staged” photos, but Stories is more candid. Here, marketers may “let their hair down,” posting images with remarks and marker drawings to connect with their audience on a more casual and human level.

Here are a few brands and influencers who are killing it right now:

The fact that Instagram Stories is getting updated with features that companies and influencers love is a significant selling point. A couple examples include live video and the option to provide external connections to admirers, not to mention the chat functions.

And it appears to be effective. Currently, 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day. Visual storytelling is intriguing because it combines an age-old marketing strategy—storytelling—with a modern medium. Influencers and brand marketers alike have seen the success of Instagram Stories and are flocking to the platform.

These companies and influencers are killing it with Instagram Stories, which is a terrific way to build your audience and engage with them.

Getting Closer to You by Alex Crockford

Alex is a fitness expert and model in the United Kingdom, with over 147,000 Instagram followers. He gained that many followers rapidly, and his normal Instagram account now features mostly professional photography. He is capitalising on his fame by endorsing and promoting the Crockfit range of online fitness programmes. Since less-formal photographs might be more intimate in creating ties with followers, he says he has also shifted to Instagram Stories.

Websites and blogs are common places for brands and influencers with established reputations as producers and/or promoters of products to present their “formal” selves to the world. They are aware, however, of the value of fostering connections with their audience. Most people already do this on other social networking sites, but Instagram tales makes it easy to share temporary, in-the-moment “snapshot views” of personal tales.

A Theme from the Huffington Post

Insta Stories is used by certain companies to build brand identity through a series of candid images. The combination of words and pictures may have a powerful impact. Here are some older articles from The Huffington Post.

    Check out the stuff you already have. Do any photographs exist that serve as “back-story” to a narrative? Photos that would be more engaging, thought-provoking, or funny if you added a clever caption or marker?

    User-Generated Content is “Gold” at ModCloth.

    In addition to testimonials, several businesses actively seek user-generated content. They frequently want visual evidence of their items in action. Instagram “stories” like these are amazing since they are natural and unposed. Alternately, brands can utilise internal people or teams for the same purpose.

    Huda Kattan, a Blog with Swipeable Links

    Huda Kattan gained notoriety as a beauty blogger before going on to launch her own cosmetics company, Huda Beauty. With over 24 million Instagram followers, she utilises Instagram Stories to interact with her audience by sharing quick beauty advice, candid images of her daily life, and links to relevant blog entries.

      Even though Instagram stories only last for 24 hours (although they may now be archived), you can lead viewers to your website or blog and engage them in conversations and discussions if you build enough interest and include a Swipeable link (or link in your bio).

      Logan Paul Reliable Video Uploads

      Logan Paul is a popular YouTuber and Vine star renowned for posting shocking videos (he previously faked his own suicide). He has taken to Instagram Stories to provide his followers with a steady stream of videos featuring his own music, comedic skits, and trailers for his forthcoming acting roles.

      Lele Pons’s Influencer Marketing Partnerships

      Like many other comedians, Venezuelan-American Lele Pons got her start on the video-sharing platform Vine, where she quickly became known for her humorous sketches. With the help of other comedic stars like Hannah Stocking, Juanpa Zurita, and others, she has started posting unique sketches on Instagram Stories. This increases her exposure since her audience will grow to include her colleagues’ fans.

      About 21 million people are now following Pons. In addition, she won 2017’s prize for having the most-viewed Instagram stories.

      Going Global

      No, this isn’t an influencer, but it is a useful piece of advice for companies and influencers looking to attract an international audience or build a fan base among speakers of other languages.

      Due to the visual nature of Instagram and the limited amount of text allowed, posting Instagram Stories in many languages is a simple matter. In addition, there is no shortage of internet translation agencies that offer both translation and editing services by native speakers. Further, if you’ve established a sizable international fanbase, you may take use of the website localization service offered by most internet translation agencies. The ease of use of Instagram Stories makes it a fantastic starting point for reaching new people all around the world.