Here Are 4 Indications That Your Instagram Photos Are Total Trash

But in all seriousness, when their Instagram photos fail to engage, marketers may feel like the sick guy slumped over the trash can with last night’s supper coming out the wrong end. Perhaps you need to work on your Instagram game.

Consider that success in Instagram marketing is measured in part by the number of likes and comments a post receives. However, to those on the outside looking in, they frequently appear to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Your Camera Is Terrible – Improve Your Instagram Content

Here’s where you have to be very candid with yourself: how bad is your camera?

And no, you don’t have to be a gadget guru to notice if your camera isn’t functioning properly…

Look over your collection of recent photographs; are most of them hazy? Are there too many pictures that have underexposed or overexposed parts?

There are few things more thrilling than the release of a brand-new, cutting-edge smartphone. They are, alas, somewhat pricey. Digital cameras are inexpensive and provide high-quality images, but they need constant carrying about with the expectation that each shot can be cropped to fit Instagram’s aspect ratio.

Regardless of your choice, you should use a high-quality camera.

Second, you can only use Instagram’s features so much.

Surprisingly, the discussion on tools has not yet concluded. For the time being, though, we’ll put the camera aside and concentrate on the equipment you’ll need to perform a good job.

Usually, they are taken by professionals who then edit them on their computers with photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom to make them seem even better.

Most likely, you are not a professional photographer. You needn’t be. For Instagram users like yourself, there are a lot of excellent, low-cost (or even free) editing apps:

Pixlr Is Totally Better Than VSCO Cam

If you start experimenting with a handful of the above (or others like them), your material will quickly begin to compete with that of National Geographic’s Instagram account, which is quite an achievement.

You Are Confused About Photography Fundamentals

There’s no need to hire a pro if you want your Instagram images to look like they were taken by a pro. However, there is only so much that good photo editing software can do to improve your Instagram postings


At some point, you’ll need to set aside a couple of hours to study the fundamentals of what makes a photograph aesthetically beautiful.

Instagram users scroll quickly, so your photos need to stand out if you want them to stop and look.

The good news is that, due to the Internet, you can find a wealth of free resources to help you and your camera get your bearings.

If the wealth of photography blogs available online isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, respected institutions like MIT also provide free photography courses to anybody who wants to learn more.

You don’t pay attention to successful strategies

Instagram is a rather straightforward platform from a marketing standpoint.

Keep using the same images, caption content, and calls to action (CTAs) that are doing well.

But jot this down; else, you will forget it.

In addition, the more you can learn to recognise winning strategies, the simpler it will be to use Instagram for marketing in the future.

Get It Going Full Force!

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” remarked Albert Einstein.

Do you, pardon the expression, occasionally act like the rest of the Instagram business users out there?

Whether you have or have not, you should immediately go to the bathroom, rinse your mouth, drink some ginger ale and delete any Instagram photos that make you feel sick to your stomach.