The Five Most Accurate Instagram Influencer Marketing KPIs

We at Kicksta have spoken at length about the benefits of collaborating with Instagram influencers for your brand’s expansion and social media marketing’s return on investment. If you want to grow your business and your audience on Instagram, they are a great tool to use.

We feel this way since working with popular Instagram users may help you reach tens of thousands of new people who otherwise might not come across your material.

Of course, not every influencer marketing effort is the same. It’s possible that not all influencers may appeal to your intended audience, while some could catapult your product’s visibility to new heights.

Obtaining Engaged Instagram Followers

Most of us would say that an increase in followers and reach is the most important indicator of success on social media.

After all, additional eyes on your posts is never a bad thing, and that’s exactly what happens when you get new followers.

It’s encouraging to see a quick increase in the number of followers the day after an influencer’s post, but it’s also important to keep the big picture in mind.

Follow up on your influencer connection by monitoring your progress (or lack thereof) in the weeks and months that follow. That manner, you can determine whether or not an influencer’s efforts to promote your Instagram account were more successful than those of other marketing channels.

Enhanced Participation

Without meaningful interaction with your posts, all those additional followers are useless. If the new followers you’re getting via Instagram influencer marketing are engaging with your content, that’s a good sign.

And it’s not just about clicking “like” on a bunch of pictures. After all, all it takes to get a “like” is a double touch on the screen.

On the other side, engagement indicators like comments and shares show that your content is hitting the mark and helping you grow your online following.

That your influencer’s new followers are real people and not just bots or paid for followers is of even greater importance.

Party Referrals

Digital marketers spread their attention over more than just social media. Many people consider SEO to be even more crucial, and they want Instagram and other social media to play a role in that.

Although it may be challenging, assessing the influencer’s contribution to website referral traffic is not impossible.

Bitly or another URL shortener may be used in conjunction with UTM parameters to generate a shareable link that can be included in an influencer’s post or on your own profile.

You may get a good indication of how many people are visiting your site as a direct result of influencer marketing by using the data given by these link-tracking platforms, so long as the connection is unique to Instagram.

Brand Reputation

The decision to collaborate with a popular Instagram user may (and should) have a significant impact on your company’s public profile. True followers of influencers are fans of said influencers.

Many companies just look at the statistics when gauging customer satisfaction, but there are several other, less quantifiable indicators that might help you see if you’re on the right track.

Check out the comments on your posts first.

Do you have more people commenting than usual? How does the tone of these responses stack up against the feedback you usually get on posts? Alterations to your direct messages or an uptick in favourable audience mentions of your business are also possible.

Whether or whether an influencer connection is helping to establish a good digital image for your company may be discerned by looking beyond the basic figures.


Every business that joins forces with an Instagram influencer hopes, at the absolute least, to see an increase in sales. An increase in sales following a post by an influencer is feasible, but it normally takes time to see benefits like this.

Keep in mind that the primary goal of Instagram is to foster a meaningful connection with your target demographic in the hopes that they will become repeat buyers.

If a popular Instagram user’s post doesn’t instantly result in more engaged followers and more business, try not to rip out your hair in frustration.

Keep your new fans interested with consistent production of high-quality original content while you wait. There’s a good possibility they’ll become paying clients down the road.