You Can Use An Instagram Grid Planner To Get The Right Layout

Organizing your Instagram posts is unnecessary.

Instagram has grown rapidly in popularity as a marketing tool for businesses in recent years, to the point that official Instagram accounts are now considered to be just as important as traditional corporate websites.

Instagram’s 9-grid structure is what creates an impact and keeps you browsing after you’ve landed on a profile, even though most users discover new accounts through Reels or individual posts discovered using hashtags, geolocation, and tagging.

Businesses, influencers, and creatives should use an Instagram grid planner to ensure that their Instagram feed looks cohesive.

It’s crucial to keep in mind the power of a unified Instagram feed theme when developing a marketing campaign for the platform.

How to use an Instagram layout planner to organise your feed

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have a beautiful Instagram layout in no time, thanks to the Hopper HQ Instagram grid planner.

First Procedure: Decide on an Overall Theme for Your Instagram Feed

Instagram themes come in a wide variety, but they always adhere to the same rules.

To do this, you need to be organised and methodical in your approach to content production and curation. Different industries and different types of material will inspire different themes, but here are a couple to get you thinking:

Step One: Decide on a Color Scheme

Having a well-defined colour scheme for your Instagram posts is quite fulfilling.

It’s quite neat, fashionable, and well arranged. Instagram grid planning is essential for making use of a colour scheme over several posts. Even if you don’t have an innate eye for colour theory or composition, you may still create stunning visuals with the help of a colour palette generator.

Keep to one colour scheme or utilise a colour palette to cycle through several hues as the user scrolls! There is a wide range of options available, and once a colour scheme is selected, content may be developed to fit it.

To paraphrase: 2. Use pristine white frames or borders

Using white borders or frames to create a pattern is another method to make your Instagram page stand out.

Since Instagram initially only allowed square postings, this became a popular workaround so users wouldn’t have to crop their portrait and landscape photos. To style your Instagram feed after a picture book or brochure is now only a matter of personal preference.

White borders may be used in several ways, such as with little squares, portraits, landscapes, or a combination!

Third, design a grid format for Instagram.

Instagram is used by a wide range of companies, many of which employ creative and unique photographic material. Including several types of material into your Instagram layout is possible, from flat-lay product pictures to typographic quotations and user-generated content.

This allows you to be imaginative without limiting your content selections too much and can take the form of a checkerboard or even just horizontal and vertical lines.

One alternative approach to use the grid to your advantage is to merge all six or nine squares into a single, larger image to use as your profile picture.

The squares will display as separate posts in your followers’ feeds, so make sure they’re effective on their own.

Second, sketch out your composition using an Instagram grid planner.

To assist you perfect your Instagram layout while also planning content for the next several weeks, we here at Hopper HQ developed our very own Instagram grid planner.

With Hopper HQ’s Instagram grid planner, you can preview how your profile will look when all of your scheduled posts have been published.

If you’re attempting to make one of the Instagram layouts we talked about above, this is a huge help.

Before publishing to Instagram, you may preview your content by rearranging its components.

By using the Hopper HQ grid planner, making a stunning Instagram feed is a breeze. It’s possible to utilise the Instagram grid planner to avoid having carefully crafted patterns disrupted by incompatible posts, regardless of the layout, colour scheme, or pattern you’ve chosen.

To keep your grid feed looking beautiful and constant, Hopper HQ allows you to upload up to 50 photographs and videos at once and schedule them for whenever you choose.

Will there eventually be an in-app grid planner for Instagram?

Hopper Headquarters learned in 2018 that a select group of Instagram users had access to a test version of a grid planning function. Exclusive screenshots of its appearance have been made available to us.

Unfortunately, it appears that Instagram never deployed this functionality outside of testing.

But, this does demonstrate that Instagram is actively considering methods to assist businesses, influencers, and regular users in planning their feed style and ensuring that their posts are consistent with the information already on their profile.

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re eagerly anticipating Instagram’s rollout of a grid planner function.