How To Increase Engagement On Instagram?

Do your fans and following seem to be tuning you out? You want more Instagram likes and comments and you want to know what works.

Learn how to optimise and upload content on Instagram that attracts followers, direct messages, likes, and shares by reading this article.

The Importance of Instagram Engagement in Marketing

You may be questioning if Instagram engagement is truly needed if your primary social media goals are conversion-focused behaviours like sales and lead generation. Instagram engagements may seem like a vanity indicator, but they actually help achieve larger marketing objectives.

After all, you can’t make a sale on Instagram without followers who notice your posts and are interested in what you have to offer. Low interaction rates might reduce your content’s visibility across the platform, which in turn can hurt your conversion rates and other metrics.

The amount of interaction with an Instagram post is a major factor in determining its visibility and ranking in users’ feeds, as well as whether or not it is recommended to them.

How to Increase Instagram Followers in 7 Easy Steps?

Now that you understand why Instagram engagement is crucial to your company’s success, we can get started on increasing it. Here are nine ways to increase your Instagram following, from posting more frequently to following related accounts.

Don’t Make People Click on Stuff

You may feel compelled to explicitly request interaction from your audience if they aren’t responding to your posts, clips, or tales. That is to say, you may encourage readers to “like” your post if they find the sentiment to be positive.

Instagram, unlike Facebook, does not explicitly forbid the use of “engagement bait.” Remember that interaction bait often comes across as empty and inauthentic, even if these kinds of invitations don’t technically violate Instagram’s rules. It’s better to ease into talks with your target audience.

Make interesting Instagram videos

Short-form video is one of the most crucial forms of content to produce at the moment if you’ve been following social media trends for more than a minute. However, it’s simple to overlook the practicality of reels amidst all the excitement.
They are effective because Instagram gives highlights to reels in the feed, in part because of user feedback and in part because of Instagram’s desire to stay competitive with other social networks, such as TikTok. However, not every short video will be promoted on Instagram. Who sees your reels depends on a number of factors, including how popular your content is, how active your audience is, and how relevant your topic is.

Always update your Instagram stories

Unlike highlights and regular Instagram posts, which are visible on Explore and hashtag pages, Stories only appear to your followers. Stories, however, are sorted in a number of ways, the most basic of which is popularity, just like reels and posts.

Users’ feeds tend to give more prominence to stories that receive a lot of attention. Similarly, content from accounts with whom users often interact are prioritised in story feeds. That implies the more regular interaction customers have with your business, the more likely it is that your content will be displayed at the very top of the app’s home screen.

Since posts are deleted after 24 hours, maintaining a regular publication schedule is essential. The official recommendation for maximum engagement and to remain at the top of the feed is two stories every day, as stated by Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri.

Use Playful Instagram Stickers in Your Stories

As you can see, Instagram stories come equipped with their own set of features for encouraging engagement from viewers. Many different kinds of interactive stickers, in addition to the usual likes, replies, and shares, can be added to a story. You may use these stickers for anything from polling your audience for their thoughts to encouraging them to contribute their own media to a discussion.

Given the variety available, it’s worth testing out several stickers to discover which ones your target audience prefers. You may also think about incorporating tale stickers into your weekly routine, perhaps with polls or questions on specific days of the week.

Broadcast in real time to attract more viewers

Some of Instagram’s most significant interactions take place in the moment. Instagram Live allows you to have a conversation in real time with your viewers, allowing you to instantly address their comments and queries.

For instance, @thechrisdo frequently broadcasts live for his followers, sparking actual discussions that frequently attract hundreds of comments. He teams up with @theannelihansson to give his professional opinion on personal branding in this video.

Publish at the Best Times

It’s vital to publish at the best times for your audience, whether you’re going live, telling stories, or releasing reels and feed content. The Instagram recommendation engine does occasionally discover previously unnoticed clips. However, the most popular articles tend to start gaining audience attention and readers soon after they are posted.

You can learn when your Instagram followers are most active by using the app’s built-in analytics. Access the Followers section of your account insights by clicking. The report’s bottom section will show you when your audience is most active. Remember that these are just estimates, as the times are only shown in 3-hour increments.

Examining Instagram Stats

While industry standards can serve as a foundation for your content, it’s always beneficial to try out unique approaches to timing, themes, and other creative elements. Learn what your audience responds to and what brings in revenue by analysing the data in your account.

Instagram’s in-app insights should be used to analyse performance instead of Business Suite insights due to the lack of support for Instagram Reels. You can access the Accounts Engaged panel from the Account Insights overview by tapping there. Then, below the information, you can see how you interacted with it. You may quickly check if your current levels of involvement are higher or lower than those of the previous time period.